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My journey in life…

I came to London with my parents in 1980 without any experience or knowledge of the English language.

I suffered from language barriers at primary school, however, rapidly picked it up in secondary school and came out with high GCSE grades, thanks to the support and encouragement from my teachers.

As I approached sixth form, I could no longer continue to further my studies due to financial crisis which lead to a difficult time for my family and me.

We as a family struggled with the financial crisis; I tried to put my foot down in the real world and went off looking for a job which would support us through this complex time and provide us financial stability.

I earned my first wages whilst working in a clothes market which I found extremely tough and tiring, however, my father was proud that I was doing what I could by earning money to support the family at home.

After few months I gave up the job and joined the catering industry because I couldn’t continue working in the market earning lower than minimum wage which wasn’t enough to support the family.

I spent ten years in the catering industry and became the head chief in an Indian Restaurant; training new staff to work for part of my team to serve the customers. I built a brilliant relationship with my co-workers and daily customers who gave me confidence in my position as a chief and also as friend.

During my life whilst working in a restaurant, I contemplated moving forward in life; to experience different careers. I decided to join a driving school called BSM – British School of Motoring as I enjoy driving and was willing to teach other people how to drive.

Also it gave me a good experience and taught me how to socialise with different learners and how to improve their skills.

Since I started the job as a driving instructor, I have enjoyed every moment of the day with my learners and knowing that they are progressing in each of their stages, growing in confidence and learning new skills is very rewarding.

Lesu Miah
Lesu MiahDriving instructor

LM Driving School has on average 80% first time passes. We always give you a full 60 minute lesson during a one to one session. Compared to other driving schools in Ipswich, we are a very reasonable price with more supportive action.